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Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting Services

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We offer litigation support and forensic accounting services to clients or client’s counsel through coordination with Carlos R. Baralt PSC.

These services include fact finding, damage calculations, expert testimony, and fraud investigations. Carlos R. Baralt PSC was the principal in charge of Andersen’s litigation support and forensic accounting services.  The objective of this strategic alliance is to ensure that our clients are provided with the highest quality of service in this area.

Among the services provided are:

  • Quantification of economic damages.
  • Assistance in obtaining documentation necessary to support or refute a claim.
  • Review of the relevant documentation to form an initial assessment of the case and identify areas of loss.
  • Assistance with discovery including the formulation of questions to be asked regarding the financial evidence.
  • Participating at the discovery to review the testimony, assist with understanding the financial issues and to formulate additional questions to be asked.
  • Review of the opposing expert's damages report and reporting on both the strengths and weaknesses of the positions taken.
  • Assistance with settlement discussions and negotiations.
  • Attendance at trial to hear the testimony of the opposing expert and to provide assistance with cross-examination.